Live your time for Absolute Happiness

Daily Post’s prompt for today, August 21, is Work? Optional!

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

Certainly No, with the understanding that if money were out of equation, I can’t spend it more to earn it more and so to travel and explore the world more! But definitely yes, because work does not only buys money, but it also educates people, employ them and helps them participate through their indulgence.

Money is relative, but not relative to one. If I work, I help those thousands of people surrounding me in building up their blocks. Certainly money won’t buy me more time to spend with my friends and family. Time spent and valued wisely gains absolute happiness, happiness which stays longer and doesn’t depends on something invaluable. I would definitely work for no money, if equated, because this work pays to thousands of smiles I receive. I would love to work as much as these smiles around me would want me to.


Can Money Pay for Our Environment


While going through a survey of Washington D.C., on whether more people drive to work if they were given free parking and transit passes, findings said people would still opt to drive than to travel in transits. I thought, why not make parking free for car pools while the others have to pay higher prices for their room of wheels, or, the company should make initiatives of strict rules distributing free transit passes to all its workers. Will the chief still travel in his comforts? Isn’t he on equal parts responsible for the global carbon emissions as are his workers? Well, if I ask them, they are not! We all earn enough to pay off the carbon our cars are releasing, and what calls more is the local transits having “funny crowd” and the dust around spoiling the dresses and pollution killing faces! We are much safe and happy to travel alone.

Why not! With the increasing eve teasing, burglars and robberies anyone would like to spend more than to be raped! But are “we, the civilians” not raping the Earth with our safety call! With the growing pollution, and eve teasing by us humans on ourselves as well as other living beings are we really being human?

Being in a country widely driven by tourists, are we really making them visit us and showing them our culture, the culture of throwing wastes along the road sides and showing our lakes full of plastics and algal blooms and setting up air not holding enough oxygen to breathe free. We ourselves have seen the results of what our actions have done to one of the wonders of the world residing in India, yes the legendary Taj Mahal, it is yellow, yellow due to acid rain! Initiatives are taken for taking trashes from our doors by the municipalities; outside wastes mostly account to plastics and can be found almost anywhere we step. Can’t the city provide us with trash boxes on say every bus stop, railway platforms or any tourist blocks? There should be more of these trash cans than the people around to make at least a town waste free. Can’t we all lug enough courage to carry around our own wastes, wastes from our eatables, plastic bags and water bottles? Or are we comfortable to pay the taxes and let our wastes go flying in the air! Will this emerge our image as sweepers, as wise decision makers!

We are returning deforestation, industrial or municipal effluents, solid wastes, and air pollution to what nature has provided us on our homeland Earth. A green tax is not the answer! Answer stands by us, within us and for us. We have to take initiatives to deal with our wastes and not make a question for the government to solve. Ideas can be many, but steps are few.

I honestly feel, why aren’t our newspapers flying around in the air or floating in the water? Because, we have a solution for them, we sell them and as a new product out of those wastes, we get new handmade papers. Likewise, we can also sell our wastes to the government, because this is not exactly a waste, but a source of energy. Energy for producing electricity, energy used as a food source for animals and energy used for agriculture. Best out of waste should be the motive! If money can really pay off, then buy the waste and clean the environment!